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7866 W. Sample Road
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Office: 954-341-1770

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20- to 30-percent of the world’s population experiences chronic pain, and women are nearly twice as afflicted with it than men. 
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The personal training that I have received at Mind over Matter Fitness Studio has helped me meet the challenges of my very demanding lifestyle. I am convinced that my overall level of wellness and physical fitness could only have been achieved through Marilyn's guidance and expertise. With each year, I am growing younger with more stamina and energy than I ever dreamed possible. I will forever be grateful to Mind over Matter for providing me with my own personal “Fountain of Youth”!

Here's to good health!
Susan Connor

In week one of my training with "Coach" Marilyn, I found I was not nearly as fit as I thought I was. By week eight,
I found that I was more fit than I could ever have imagined I would be. Now physically stronger, leaner, with increased endurance and hope, I am training for my 1st 5K Run EVER at age 62!!

Thanks for the inspiration,

When we first met, I was 53 years old, weighed 175+lbs and had a 36” waist. I had never exercised in my life. You started me out with a combination of cardio (beginner’s tread mill) and strength training. Within a few months I had worked up to a slow jog on the tread mill and then to jogging 3 days a week. I remember telling you that “I don’t run” and you said “yes you will and we will run a 5K together”.

My first 5K was in 2001 and my time was 33+ min., I have since completed more 5K’s than I can count with a PR of 23min. 10 sec., 12 half Marathons and 6 full Marathons.

At age 60 I started competing in Triathlons and finished, as well as, placed in my age group, in 3 Olympic distance and 6 sprint distance races as well as the Florida 70.3 Half Ironman.

A minor setback in “2009” (broken femur, mountain biking at Markham Park) reminded me that I was not bullet proof but after a successful operation to bolt my bone back together again, I am back to running, swimming and biking. Running is and always will be my greatest passion…guess you could say I’m an “Endorphin Junkie” and I plan to make my comeback at the Palm Beach Marathon in December of this year. In 2011 I’ll start to train for Ironman Louisville, a 2.4 mile swim, 112 mile bike ride and last, but not least, 26.2 mile run.

Marilyn, I can’t thank you enough for what you have inspired me to do, at age 62, I now weigh 138 lbs. and I have a 31” waist. My warm up …62 pushups… one for each year and hoping to continue this routine well into my 80’s.
At the beginning and end of each race I say a little “thank you” to you and can always hear you saying “do great things”.

Your friend,

“I have never been a fitness enthusiast! Prior to Mind Over Matter my workout routine was nonexistent!  A turning point when the approach of my 50th birthday caused me to want to improve my health & strength. With a customized exercise program “by Marilyn” I have achieved a new lifestyle. Her knowledge, professionalism and cheerful caring manner makes her the perfect personal trainer for me, inspiring me to continue to move forward toward my fitness goals.
Being the most novice of students has allowed me to learn so much at Mind Over Matter. I have gained knowledge in health & well being. Marilyn believes in individual training with lots of encouragement and support.

The only thing I regret is not calling Mind Over Matter sooner!!”

There is no question that at age 62 I am in the best shape of my life. I had been working out on my own for years, but working with Marilyn took it up many notches. No "bulk", just well defined muscles, decreased body fat and a general sense of well-being.

When you feel good you look good…and I had such fun getting there!

Most women will follow their hair stylist, manicurist and massage therapist religiously wherever they go. It's never the "place" but the "person" that makes us look and feel good. That is how I feel about Marilyn and Mind over Matter Fitness.

Although her fitness studio is big, fully equipped and totally private, I’m there because of her - her knowledge...her expertise...her experience. She's dedicated to nutrition, healthy eating, proper exercise and a healthy lifestyle. It's not just her profession, but her passion.

While most people aren't as disciplined as she is, she understands the daily struggles many people, especially women, have with emotional eating and making bad choices - and then she guides you on how to change your thinking and make the right choices without depriving yourself of your favorite things.

Personally, I am one who hates exercise and loves food - all food. I love healthy food, but I also love un-healthy food. I have mastered the mental food manipulation game. I play it with my food conscience. It's when I know that a slice of cheese pizza is 250 calories, but convince myself that a slice of epic proportion is still 250 calories, because it's still just one slice. It's where I believe that I've burned 100 calories just for stepping foot on a treadmill but haven't actually turned it on yet. Those are what I call effort calories - calories I've burned just for making the effort to show up at the gym. And it's the belief that if I attend a child's birthday party and refuse a piece of cake that I automatically should lose 1/2 a pound for showing good food judgement and displaying willpower. Unfortunately this is not how weight-loss occurs and the only person I was fooling was myself.

One of the first things I told Marilyn when I started training with her was, "I know you want me to do cardio but I don't run. I hate running. It's uncomfortable, my legs itch and I just won't do it." She accepted my protest and altered my method of cardio. She introduced me to better food choices but never told me I couldn't have my home-made macaroni and cheese or my favorite spinach artichoke dip. She taught me to have food self control, break habits, and motivated me to become healthier inside and out.

Now, 15 pounds thinner and back to my "marriage, pre-baby" weight and clothing, I am in better shape then I've been in my entire life. And the biggest difference ....the girl who refused to run has become a race junkie. I sign up for 5k races all over town, and so far have run a half marathon with 5 more on the race calendar. All of this, and Marilyn never told me to run, and she never told me to give up my favorite foods. Instead, she educated me, guided me and inspired me to make the right choices for my body and my goals. She was never a drill sergeant - but a friend, and one whom

I'm grateful to have come into my life.

I'm sorry I missed the Mind Over Matter anniversary party. I had every intention for sending flowers on that day. As fate would have it, I was off experiencing many firsts for me. I was in Santa Rosa, Ca. in a hospital with a broken arm, broken ribs and a lacerated spleen.
I so often think of you and how you changed my life. The Doctor in California, told me that if I wasn't in the shape I was in they would have had to remove - or at least operate on my spleen. I had run 6+ miles that morning in San Franciso - you did that for me. And I'm so thankful for the change you made in my life - for the person I have become is so much the result of what you've done for me.
You've changed a lot of lives, you've built stronger bodies and minds, and you’ve touched many hearts, and added meaning and depth to spirits.

You're awesome!

Kelly Maragni




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