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7866 W. Sample Road
Coral Springs, FL  33065
Call: 954-821-5772

Personal Fitness Trainer
Marilyn Kass:
Call:(954) 821-5772
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Stretch Therapy
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Massage Therapy
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Pain Management
Are you in Pain?
Data from the World Health Organization suggests that
20- to 30-percent of the world’s population experiences chronic pain, and women are nearly twice as afflicted with it than men. 
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Certified Personal Trainer (Reg# HS3366)

Marilyn Kass, ACSM, NASM, ACE
Lifestyle & Weight Management
Call Cell: (954) 821-5772 for an appointment


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♥ Innovative Strength Training

♥ Cardiovascular Endurance

♥ Weight Management

♥ Fitness Testing

♥ Postural Alignment

♥ Core Conditioning

♥ Flexibility and Balance

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About Marilyn Kass

Marilyn is the owner and Personal Fitness Trainer for Mind Over Matter Health and Fitness Studio. Marilyn is certified by The American College of Sports Medicine, The National Academy of Sports Medicine, and The American Council of Exercise. Marilyn’s seventeen years of experience and passion for a healthy lifestyle provide clients with a unique and enjoyable exercise experience. In addition to traditional strength training and cardiovascular endurance; Marilyn also incorporates functional fitness, flexibility and balance training for total body enhancement. Clients from all age groups and fitness levels are always welcome.

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